I am thinking France and the UK for Summer: Champagne and Pimm's!

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Beginning to think about Summer!
And the lucky Lady that I am already has a family house in the South of France... Can't wait for the Boulangeries, Marches, Aperitifs on the terrasse, evenings of cooking with Friends, oh Summertime!

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A Day out, a Dog, and a Drink. Daydream.

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Sunday Sound

Teresa Brewer - "Music Music Music" - 1950

Red inspiration to match my Raspberry Tart and a curtesy to Monsieur Henri de Pantalon-Rouge for this hilarious preppy collection of British Gentlemen and their Red Trousers. I absolutely love it and hope to see more of them in Dubai!
Click here for some more: http://lookatmyfuckingredtrousers.blogspot.com/

After seeing so many red trousers, I, of course, felt the urge to find one. So I did the five hours hunt at Dubai Mall for you Ladies and can now give you the tip: Mango offers three kind of different, surprisingly well fitted, red trousers. Just saying...

A little bit of France in Dubai, my favourite tart: Raspberry! Thank you Paul for making this Saturday morning so jolly.

Meet Little Sis'! My little sister started a cosmetic blog a few months ago, it is in french but google translator will probably help you get her sharp humor and fresh news.I will never forget the day she went to school with green sparkles in her hair. She was 10 years old, already ahead of her time, and nuts, yes. She has some kind of radar when it comes to origami lashes, body paint, nail sequins, and loves to share. Her blog is girly, edgy, and cynical, just like her.

The address: http://roldybeauty.blogspot.com/

Home made treats for the week-end: Lemon Drizzle, Orange Madeleines and Poire Belle Helene Jam.

Email me for the recipes.
I went to the opening of the Kate Spade boutique in Dubai Mall last week, a little preppy haven in Dubai! Thought I would share Kate's philosophy, here is to Summer:

And a glimpse of the changing room... How lovely is that wall paper! Details are not just details.


Like the birds I have been away for a few months, but spring has sprung, and so I am back!
With a little surprise: seems like the French recipe for simplicity does work, even in Dubai, as I ended up on the front cover of Grazia after the World Cup.

They did get the watch wrong, I've never owned a Rolex, not my style, but the rest is accurate. Lace and vintage, less is more.
Thank you to the Grazia ladies, I enjoyed meeting them: sweet, smiley and dynamic!
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