I spy with my little eye... a Drink at La Petite Maison.

If you can't remember the last time you went to La Petite Maison, it's been too long. And it was the case so I cannot thank enough my darling Friend M. for treating me to a glass of champagne there yesterday evening. Love the place, love the service, love the food. It's official, I have a crush on La Petite Maison.

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I spy with my little eye... the Auction at the Cuadro Gallery.

Yesterday I was out with my dear and talented friend M., we looked for the Alif Gallery but failed to find it unfortunately, I hope you readers did find it and enjoy the opening? Instead we wandered in DIFC, we had a look at the Cuadro Gallery. It was a quiet evening, I particularly liked Roberto Lopardo's mapping of Jerusalem: the principle is a luminescent board, showing one photograph a minute during 24 hours, no particular goal, just a wander through the city. I like that idea of wandering through a city, feeling the ambiance, taking time to look at faces... I was lucky enough to meet the artist and have a glimpse of his vision of photography, I quote: "I love photography as much as I hate it.", I was intrigued by the character.

To know more abouthe Cuadro gallery, click here.

I spy with my little eye... an Art opening.

And if you haven't had enough art with this auction, you can head towards the Damac Tower for the opening of the Alif Gallery's new exhibitio of timur D'Vatz."His work is a surreal feel of Central Asian sufi philosiphy and captures the vibrant colours of orientalist paintings. The motifs of ancient myths and legands are core elements of his style of paintings". Sounds like the perfect dreamy world to wander around on a winter night!

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I spy with my little eye... an Auction.

Tonight the city is arty busy! If you don't know what to do, head towards the Cuadro Gallery in DIFC for a Palestinian art auction. Love love love the ambiance at auctions, it always feels like being in a theatre: there is suspens, action, passion, the setting and the pieces are beautiful, there is always something happening! The auction will begin at 6.30pm.

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I spy with my little eye... a Pink Ladies Night.

Yesterday I attended the Petticoat Parlour. As much as I liked the idea, I was disappointed by the location: Media One Hotel was too loud and too dark for me. How do you want to shop if you can't see the clothes properly? How do you want to get a mani if you can't see the nailpolish colours? The music was too loud for me and I didn't appreciate waiting for 10min behind a half empty bar to order a drink that never came when the gentleman who arrived after me ordered before me and actually got his drink. So much for Ladies Night. Media One Hotel failed on this one, I'm sorry.
That being said, I loved the Petticoat Parlour team's energy, and it was a pleasure to see My Ex Wardrobe and Specsaddicts. Next time the challenge will be to have an actual conversation! 

I spy with my little eye... Dinner at Royal China.

When we find ourselves in DIFC at night, my ladies and I like to treat ourselves to a Dinner at Royal China. It's light, it's fresh, it's healthy, and we all seem to have an obsession for dim sum. The service might sometimes be slow but the management is very welcoming and happy to get out of their way for their clients which I do appreciate. I recommend the dim sum soup, it's a lunch special but if you are lucky, they will agree to make it for you for dinner. They also have an excellent bar tender. If you want a proper martini, you can ask for Dimas, he knows his cocktails!

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I spy with my little eye... the Petticoat Parlour.

Ladies if you feel like getting pampered tonight, head to the Media One Hotel to meet with the bubbly Petticoat Parlour team! Cocktails, shopping, manicures and Glambox, they will all be there. Come have a vintage chat with Specsaddicts, get some of My Ex Wardrobe energy, and some The Cure TLC.

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I spy with my little eye... a cosy Affordable Night.

Yesterday I passed by the XVA Gallery for some affordable art and priceless chat. I had a big crush on the necklaces, and the kitsch Pakistani movie posters made me smile, as always. It was a cosy night with friends, talking art, charities and planning birthdays, meeting new faces, an other of those delightful Dubai nights.
A big thank you to the XVA for hosting us!

I spy with my little eye... the Affordable Night.

The affordable night is back at the XVA Gallery and it's happening tonight in DIFC! Come browse through the affordable pieces and maybe pick something new to hang on your wall!

I spy with my little eye... a Baby Shower.

A big thank you to M., talented photography critic, writer, sailor and mother of twins for hosting this gorgeous Baby Shower yesterday. My first Baby Shower ever, we don't do that in France. We visit mother and baby once they're born. That being said, I enjoyed showering the lovely K. and her bump. The brunch was fabulous: salmon, quiche, bacon, salad, the cutest cupcakes, mimosas, the sunshine, and 6 months old twins to play with. And have I mentioned the spa? 10 ladies who came to spread mani-pedis, back massages and joy to the world!

I spy with my little eye... a colourful evening with Pucci.

Dubai is getting back on track! After a quiet holiday, everybody's back and happy to get out, thanks to the lovely weather. Tonight is my first Fashion evening of the year: Bonjour Pucci Spring/Summer 2013 collection! Hope to see you there.

I spy with my little eye... some more Chanel in my closet.

Hello Gorgeous! And thank you little Sis' for bringing more Style to my wardrobe! These Chanel Pumps are absolutely perfect for Dubai, I love how simple and ladylike they are. If you ever come across them in a party, come say Hi!

I spy with my little eye... a surprise box.

I love belated Christmas gifts! It brings more joy to the world, and my life. And this one comes from a very dear friend who knows me well. I am talking about my New Yorkian friend K. not Kate Spade, we're not that intimate yet. Look at that gorgeous little box! Details are not just details, I said it many times before, and this cutie looks perfect in my Boudoir. Thank you for the sweet earrings and the pink lipstick, "Parisian" is definitively one of my colours!

I spy with my little eye... beautiful Bab El Shams.

This is kind of a belated post, but this place is out of time anyway. A few weeks ago I needed out of Dubai so my dear friend K. decided that a day at Bab El Shams was Doctor's Prescription, and Boy she was right! First of all it's a 45min drive out of Dubai. Imagine Thelma and Louise, UAE version: sunglasses, AC, camels, and cheesy radio. We got there around 11am, wanted to begin our day with a cocktail, unfortunately, they didn't serve alcohol before noon, fair enough, water was probably a better choice that early (that's the problem with a Parisian and a New Yorkian... champagne can happen anytime). The swimming pools are wide and inviting, you kind of want to wander around (even if they where way too chilly for me at the time). We chatted the day away by the water, played backgammon, had lunch by the lawn and enjoyed a lovely massage. The perfect day to clear your mind, pamper and enjoy your Friends!
I will highly recommand it even if having to pay for a bottle of water when you are already paying AED 1,000 for the day seemed excessive.
We came back relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

For more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... a cosy dinner at the Ivy.

I hadn't been to the Ivy for so long I had nearly forgotten how much I love this place! How did I let this place get out of my life! First of all, their service in impeccable. Friendly, sweet, not overwhelming and always smiley. Second, I love the fact that the menu is on one page: life is full of complicated decisions  I like it when restaurants make your life easier! And the food is exactly I wanted on a chilly evening: simple, hearty and delicious! I had a steack and a glass of red wine, along with a lovely french chat, in a lovely wooden setting. Amazing evening, thank you to the Ivy!

The Ivy
The Boulevard, Ground level,
Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Tel.: +971 4 319 87 67
For more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... an edgy Night at Movida.

Movida is going all arty, hosting a special XVA Gallery tonight. hey will be featuring work by the Iraqi Artist Sami Al Karim. Now Living and working in America, the Artist specializes in Sculpture, Painting, Video Art and Photography. A boogie, a Drink and a Painting, my kinda night!

Info & Table Reservations:

Email: bookings@movida-dubai.com

Tel: +971 551 744 449

For more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... the Photoshoot part 2!

Work photoshoot part 2: the outdoor session! In windy Dubai, one day, 8 people, 5 locations... and a lot of sand. An other one bits the dust!
Thank you to our amazing photographer and his chilled team!

I spy with my little eye... a goodie bag!

My Ex Wardrobe is generous! Look at that cute goodie bag, and look at what's inside! Hello Rivington Grill, hello the Cure, hello Quint! This is definitely brightening my day!

I spy with my little eye... a successful My Ex Wardrobe event.

Every My Ex Wardrobe event makes me feel like being in Europe again! I love the thrill of thriftshopping, the  chance of finding an amazing item, you don't get that in a store. And yesterday, I got a lovely surprise: a long nude pleated skirt, very boho. I also considered a cute pair of Ted Baker pumps (love big bows), but it wasn't meant, not this time. It was a successful session! 
Also a great way to catch up with the lovely make up artist Angelique Turner who just came back from Paris, so lots to talk about! The vintage Colette from Specsaddict was here too, love her style and love her eyewear! And finally couldn't wait to hear all about the new My Ex Wardrobe website from Sian Rowland, one of the 3 founder sisters. They are like a tornado of energy, ideas and fashion, amazing team!
And if you are not hooked up by the whole second hand concept yet, note that you can get your make-up and nails done for free, and that it's a great way to discover what's going on in Dubai in terms of new quirky designers, cosmetics and well being.
A big Merci to the Rivington Grill for hosting us!

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