I spy with my little eye... the Auction at the Cuadro Gallery.

Yesterday I was out with my dear and talented friend M., we looked for the Alif Gallery but failed to find it unfortunately, I hope you readers did find it and enjoy the opening? Instead we wandered in DIFC, we had a look at the Cuadro Gallery. It was a quiet evening, I particularly liked Roberto Lopardo's mapping of Jerusalem: the principle is a luminescent board, showing one photograph a minute during 24 hours, no particular goal, just a wander through the city. I like that idea of wandering through a city, feeling the ambiance, taking time to look at faces... I was lucky enough to meet the artist and have a glimpse of his vision of photography, I quote: "I love photography as much as I hate it.", I was intrigued by the character.

To know more abouthe Cuadro gallery, click here.

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