I spy with my little eye... pretty damaged countries.

I don't want to get into politics or militancy, HOB is not the place for that, but last week's events were heavy, and I agree with my compatriots' reaction to terrors: insisting on keeping a normal lifestyle. No fear is one of the biggest mottos that have been heard and read in Paris, it applies to France but also to Lebanon that was bombed on the same week-end and didn't get half of the attention Paris did. Whether it's Paris, Beirut, Bamako, Syria... there is no rule when it comes to reasoning with irrationality. The only thing we, as civilians, can do, is keep moving forward as peacefully as possible and keep remembering how beautiful our countries and values are.
So this post is my little contribution: this is (surprisingly) not about Paris but about the underdog, about Lebanon, where Lil'sis got married two month ago, I hadn't shared these pictures yet, and I think it is time to remind ourselves of the pretty things.

She welcomed us in Beirut with fresh pistachios and rose.
The morning of the wedding I got her a little present.
After a quick stop a the Embassy and we headed to Jbeil for an amazingly sunny and chilled afternoon. Lil'sis and her husband had insisted on a beach day, and we are all grateful they stood their ground.

Probably the only moment my mother chilled during this whole week-end... 

Lil'bro and cousin celebrate the happy bride.

And this is how why we keep swords around in Lebanon: to cut wedding cakes! What else?
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