I spy with my little eye... the Armani Exchange Party.

Thank you to the Fairmont on the Palm for hosting the Armani Exchange Party, a stylish event, perfect for catching up with the trendy Dubai crowd! Ushi was running everywhere, Farah was enjoying her first evening off in a long time, busy and happy bee, I was happy to catch up with the talented Lisa and to meet the sweet Ahmed while Matthieu was dancing a tango. Such a lovely night!

For more information on the Armani Exchange collection, click here.

I spy with my little eye... an outfit dilemma.

Today is the Dubai World Cup, time to choose an outfit for the races! Last year I went for a 1920's look and ended up on the cover of Grazia. What period shall I go for today? The hat will be vintage for sure,  but I am still figuring out what to wear around it (just a hat might be stylish but too risky for Dubai). Stay tuned...

I spy with my little eye... The British Polo Day.

Yesterday I attended the British Polo Day. We decided to make it a picnic, and apparently it was a good option as people came from the polo club saying it was cooler and more windy on the picnic side. It was a hot day but a couple of sunshades made it perfect. I was expecting it to be crowded but it wasn't, we had plenty of space, it was easy to mingle and find friends. Home made cooking, striped straws and fresh lemonade, tea dresses, hats, children running around and camel/horse polo matches, it was, without a doubt one of the best days I've had in Dubai since I arrived! A big Merci to the British Polo Day for hosting such a lovely event.

For more information about the Polo Club, click here.

I spy with my little eye... a Drink at At.mosphere.

At.mosphere is a must in Dubai. Getting on top of the Burj Khalifa is as cliche as getting on top of the Eiffel Tower, kitsch but timeless at the same time. The only difference is that when I have to get that high up, I usually need a drink, therefore, I usually book a table at the Lounge. I highly recommend the wagyu burgers with a glass of wine, it is perfect! I already wrote a full post about my experience there so to get the full story, click here.

For more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... a wise Kate Spade bag.

Dorothy Parker said it. Kate Spade put it on a bag as a daily reminder.

More Kate Spade here.

I spy with my little eye... the Cartier Terrace at Art Dubai.

Memories of a delightful Tea Time at Art Dubai, Merci Cartier for hosting us! Loved the vintage French bakery style.

I spy with my little eye... a forgotten piece.

Just realised I had forgotten to post this piece from Art Dubai. As it was one of my favourite, I figured it could never be too late for more good art.

I spy with my little eye... a glamping Week-End.

I was never a big fan of camping. I have no problem with getting closer to Mother Nature, but I believe it should be done in style and I have no idea how to build a tent. I can cook, I can entertain, I can support the drivers, but building a tent is out of my skill set. So when my good friend J. offered to organise a camping week-end, I answered with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of sarcasm. It went like that: "Let's do it, but just so you know, I'll be looking pretty but that's probably it.". I deeply believe that one should be aware of his own limits for 2 reasons: 1- work on them, 2- I hate false advertising. Knowing I would be useless camping wise, I compensated with home made cooking. For an army. And so we went. 5 cars, 12 people, 5 nationalities, and a lot of energy. It was a memorable week-end: getting stuck in the sand, digging, singing around the fire, hiding in the tents, waking up with the prayer, the best part was undoubtedly sunset on top of a dune. Priceless. Thanks to my amazing brazilian guide friend, I even manage to keep the tent up all night. So now that I know how to build the tent (little wink to M. and C. who lent the said tent and definitively know how to camp in style: thank you! now working on my folding skills), I am more than happy to go again!

I spy with my little eye... Art Dubai.

Funny thing about Dubai is that every show or new restaurant has at least one or two pre-opening evening. Art Dubai is no exception, so after the VIP opening night, the ladies brunch and finally the selective opening night, the exhibition is now open to the public. I did like it, although I found it quite uneven but I guess that's to be expected in a fair. I will salute Cartier's performance, recreating the Rue de la Paix where their first ever workshop was located is very impressive. And on the art front, here are the few pieces that caught my eye. I would encourage everybody to go if just because it's a good way to kind of refresh the eye and see what happens out of Dubai as galleries come from all over the world.

For more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... Etoile la Boutique.

Two days ago Etoile la Boutique took me to Wonderland so I followed the white rabbit to a world filled with flowers, bow ties, mushrooms and fashion wonders. The brand had invited 3 stylists to each create 6 looks with the new collection. I had a lovely time catching up with the latest trends, bloggers and photographers, and eventually ended up having tea in a window display, I guess that's the kind of things that happen in Wonderland... A big Merci to the Etoile team for hosting such an amazing and surprising event!

Ushi and one of the looks he styled:

Hanging out with the photographers Mahryshka and Michael Kruger (have a look at his magazine X-pose it's an explosion of inspiration).

Painting the roses red...

Hello trendy Gentlemen! Le Trendologist and Ushi.

Have a look at the entire Etoile collection here.

I spy with my little eye... the Art Night.

Yesterday DIFC was buzzing and vibrating: drums, laughter, art, performances, pop up spaces... One of the most successful art nights if you ask me. Of course, this is all linked to Art Dubai happening this week. 
I was looking forward to visiting the new space Tectonic, by The Moving Museum. The place is much bigger than I expected and I liked the fact that it was left quite rough. The first pieces were interesting  (who wouldn't like that bouncing horse?) but the selection was quite uneven I would say. Interesting though. 
I would like to salute Patricia Millns's collaboration with the jeweller Aliel. The collar sequence in the windows was as poetic as the jewels. 
And finally, if you didn't get the chance to visit Halim al Karim's show at the XVA Gallery yet, try to pass by: his huge blurred characters are delicate, ethereal, and look like family portraits, faces from an other era... It's very touching.

I spy with my little eye... the Design Days.

Yesterday I took the opportunity of the Ladies Day to visit the Design days with Colette and Amna. I was expecting a bigger space but I enjoyed the fact that the galleries were not stacked. The selection is pretty eclectic so everybody can find something that matches their own taste. I did like the mix between contemporary and more traditional styles. Here are the pieces I liked and it begins with this amazing hanging cabin. Colette and I couldn't resist trying it, a real nest!

the Design Days are open until the 21st March, for more information, click here.

I spy with my little eye... a day with Louis Vuitton

Last week I was invited by Louis Vuitton to discover the new SS13 collection. I absolutely loved the "mise en scene", bravo to the merchandiser, I felt like being on holidays in Greece. The Damier collection has been revamped in a 70's way, it's a very autumnal women collection. I was more drowned to the men collection, especially the week-end bags that are very light, simple and elegant, with 2 options: classic colours or neon. Gentlemen you have the choice: dandy or neon kid If I had to choose and I were a man, I would go for the loafers, but because I'm a woman, I have a big crush on the sunglasses, they are so very 60's!
Special note on the "carres d'artistes" as Vuitton carries on it's arty collaboration through it's famous scarves, getting more and more inspired people on board every year.

For more information on Louis Vuitton's SS13 collection, click here.
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