I spy wih my little eye... a Charity.

Yesterday was Women day, so I thought I would talk to you about a Charity called Women for Afghan Women. I don't consider myself a feminist but I did wear an Abbaya for 3 years, got told off a few times and was forbidden to enter random places like music shops just because I was a woman so I am sensitive to the Women cause. I am fine with whatever as long as it is their choice, but I can get quite passionate (hello Mediterranean blood!) when confronted with injustice (Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite... hello french blood). WAW is a charity mostly handled by afghan women to support community development, through workshops focusing on women's rights according to the law and Islam, and to provide education in isolated countrysides, to run shelters for women in need, to provide counselling and sometimes crisis interventions when needed, and to help coordinate the different women movement in the region. I particularly like their blog section that helps you understand and follow the everyday of such association. I often feel that charities are abstract, so far away from our lucky and privileged lives it's difficult to relate (I do realise how incredibly sad that is but it's often the case), so being able to read and follow those women on an everyday basis makes their job much more tangible.

Have a look at their website and get involved here.

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