If you are in London on a rainy Sunday, go visit the National Army Museum (quite unexpected, I know..): it is hosting a very moving exhibition called "Wives and Sweethearts". It is a small exhibition that will not take you hours, the admissions are free and the stories are so touching! Letters of hope, of love, of fear,  of engagement, sometimes misunderstandings, awkwardness because of the distance, births, and of course, deaths... Life in the most powerful and intense way one can experience it.

Until the 30 July 2011, at the National Army Museum
Royal Hospital Road
London SW3 4HT
Tube: Sloane Square (Circle and District Lines)

Opening hours: every day: 10.00am to 5.30pm

Welcome to Notting Hill!

Sunday Sound

"So near and yet so far" - Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire - 1941

I love my Bakery, my Bakery loves me!

... in Carnaby Street.
Flowers in February...!

The streets of London.

We do love thrift shopping in Brick Lane!

One of the reasons why I like thrift shopping: you never know what you are going to find. This time I found the perfect Apron!

London Calling!

I can not remember where I found this picture, but I love the style!
A collection of "shoes meet cameras" portraits! What a good idea!

Source here.
I love cooking and I love good food, but even if taste is the most important criterion when it comes to food, it should not be the only one. Presentation should also be considered. I like to have nice things on my table, and these cookies would fit perfectly with a Teacup!

Thank you to Naomi for sharing her work as a cake decorator and party stylist.
Hats were, are, and always will be in Fashion...

Source here.

Sunday Sound

"Get Happy" by Judy Garland - 1950

"A true Gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude." Oscar Wilde

Complete your education here.
I already mentionned Mariage Freres's Teas: you can buy them, but you can also enjoy them in one of their Tea Rooms. Hushed ambiance, orchids, a range of incredible scents, and hundreds of Teas to taste. It is like a journey in an English Trading Post.

"A perfume of adventure and poetry escapes endlessly from every cup of tea"
Henri Mariage

The waiters dressed in white are real Tea Experts. They always give good advice.
Yesterday I had a Tea called "Fall in love" with candied chestnuts and vanilla scents, it was very tasty, but while paying, my friend and I were talking about how we like our tea. I personally like it nature, or with a hint of lemon. The waiter was quietly listenning and when we left, he handed me that little sample of "Russian Breakfast": "If you like lemon Miss, then you should try this one, it is very light, very delicate and subtle". It smells like lemongrass, I can not wait to try it!

One of their many addresses :
Comptoir de thé
30 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris 4e
Tél. : +33(0)1 42 72 28 11
Mariage Frères
Where did quill pens go? Call me old fashionned but for special occasions and announcements, I think a nice handwriting can be highlighted by the right pen. I specially miss quill pens: their volutes, their lines, their volumes, they bring charm and genuineness to their words.

Source here.

Cold weather is back here in Paris, it is time to go back to our Winter Wardrobe: Tartan, Plaids, Wool Cardigans, and Tea (yes, Tea is part of the outfit)! No one does Winter better than the Anglo-Saxon Ladies. In France, we know about Autumn and Spring, but they are all about Winter. It is effortless, cool and chic in the mean time, just perfect.

And talking about Winter Style, the lovely Cait is one of the most talented Scottish Ladies.
Today will be a Cocktail Day! With a special recipe: the Bloody Valentine, created a couple of years ago with friends, while listenning to some cheesy music, eating chamallows and drinking a bit to much...

Bloody Valentine:
- 2 shots of Tequila
- 1 shot of Cointreau
- 1 shot of Lime Juice
- 3 shots of Berry Juice
Someone was spoilt... I love having people over and I feel so lucky that my friends and family know me enough to always surprise me with unexpected gifts that are exactly right for me. Friends, Pierre Hermé macaroons, home-made chocolate pudding and roses, on top of laughter. That is my kind of evening!

Sunday Sound

"42nd Street" - by Ruby Keeler - 1933

It is quite sunny these days in Paris, a bit as if Spring was getting closer! I feel like thrift shopping again!

Breakfast is my favorite meal, probably because I am a Morning Person. I enjoy early mornings: when the sun is coming up, the city is so still, and you have that feeling that everything is possible. There is a whole new adventure just ahead of you.
Well seems like I am not the only one to like Breakfasts, a Swedish photographer even made a blog for them! I just love the idea!

More inspiring Breakfasts here.
Who were you kissed by today?

How to survive Winter #13:
Owl cookies? Anyone?

Source here.
Sorry for the lack of writing, I had a lot going on these days but I am back!
Back with a new address: Chez Bon.
Lovely design, trendy customers, and a simple menu. I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed the interior design and the fact that you can actually hear your neighbor when he is trying to communicate with you (which is quite rare in Paris), the food is not amazing unfortunatly. The spring rolls and papaye salad we had were very ordinary, and some of the dishes are unexpectedly oily. But lucky me, the deserts were very light and tasty. I would say it is a good place to have a light dinner made of starters and desert.

Chez Bon
25 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris

Tél : 01 40 72 70 00
25, rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris
Tél: 01-40-72-70-00

25 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris

Tél : 01 40 72 70 00

Source here.
In my opinion: Ladies should always wear Hats, and Gentlemen should always wear Bow Ties. Bow Ties... "Butterfly Knots" in french. They look less agressiv and formal than regular Ties. As they are smaller than Ties it is easier to try different patterns. I like the Vintage Touch they bring to an outfit. 
And talking about Bow Ties, I literally fell in love with this duo from Philadelphia: "Something hiding in there", who created a hand crafted Bow Ties line called "Forage". They work on various patterns, each bow tie is part of a limited edition and has a discrete vintage woven label (for authenticity). They are shipped in a printed mason box with metal tab closures, and packed with shredded kraft paper to keep them safe and sound until their arrival.

A Bow Tie costs more or less 65$ (+ shipping fees).
Find out more about Forage here.
I have a thing for Hats. I love the way they complete an outfit. They are fragile and it is a real challenge to find one that fits you and suits you. They give instant character and distinction. Whatever Fashion says: they will always be in Style.
During my trip to Amsterdam (and in spite of being with 3 men), I came across lovely thrift shops, and was lucky enough to find this amazing bonnet. It's from the 50's, and comes from Belgium apparently. The style is so simple, I love it!

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