I spy with my little eye... the Austrian escape.

Anybody who's been in Dubai for more than a year is familiar with the need to escape. I love the sandpit and I chose to be here, but every couple of months, I need to get away. Every couple of months, I need to get back to greenery, history and simplicity, and last month C. and R. wedding in Austria was the perfect escape: a short flight, a long week-end, a lot of laughter and memories. Despite being Irish, the couple decided to get married in Poysdorf (norh of Vienna), where they bought a lovely little farm, and to keep it very very simple. The most important for them was to make sure people would be able to make it, so they prioritised logistics over grandeur: most of the details were handmade, the bride found her dress in a second-hand shop, friends made the cakes, the invites, the brunch the morning after was hosted by the couple etc... It was simple and warm, they made sure we were taken care of and organised transportation, hotels, hydrated and well fed. 

After a 5h flight, I discovered Poysdorf, Austria, wine region.
Austria wouldn't be Austria without beer and cold cuts...

The morning of the big day, I woke up and realised I was going to have to dig deep in my memory to manage breakfast in german: despite studying german for several years, sign language sounded like the better option, that's how bad I am...

After failing at putting together one single german sentence, it was time to put on the wedding attire, hope for a sunny day and head to church. 
I have a peculiar relationship with churches: they make me giggle, and I am always interested in looking the exact opposite to where the action is... which is how I caught the groom giving the choir the signal to start singing for the bride's walk down the aisle:

The ceremony was short, sweet and joyful. And the... it was time to celebrate!

A big Merci to the lovely couple for such a fun week-end! It looked and sounded like them: warm, joyful, Irish, Austrian, simple, very well organised, attentive... with lots of wine!
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