Preparing for a new decade...

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United Colours of Tripoli.

How to survive Winter #10:
Indulge yourself!

In Tripoli's Souk...

We were talking about Tea a few days ago, well I just found the perfect Mugs to go with a Christmas Tea:

You can find them here.
In Tripoli's Souk...

Somewhere far far away... in Berlin.

it's looking like a limb torn off, or altogether just taken apart

drag my teeth across your chest

I like the poetry of Marie Zucker's pictures.
Making the most of every little Ray of Sun to bring back Summer on my hands!

Featuring Harry Eastwood's Christmas Cupcake, from her book "Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache".
The streets of Tripoli...

How to survive Winter #9:
Drink Tea! I specially recommend Mariage Frères Christmas Tea.
The vintage "Thé de Noël" was invented 30 years ago from a Black Tea bedecked with Mandarin Orange,  Cinnamon, Almonds, Oranges and Bourbon Vanilla. More than just the Spirit of Christmas, the "Thé de Noël" has become a Mariage Frères Icon. 
I like it in it's theine-free red rooinbos sweetly scented fruit and mild spices version.

More about Mariage Frères here.
Current state of mind...

Click here to find out more of these very eloquent postcards.
"Have some more if you liked it...". How can you escape this kind of offer? 
Discover with me the very colourful "Zlabia". This very sweet dessert technically is a fritter doused in syrup or power combo of powered sugar and cinnamon. A delight for your eyes and your taste:
Walking in Tripoli...

Sunday Sound

"Mele Kalikimaka" by Bing Crosby.

Discovering Libya on Christmas day, talk about a treat! First stop: painters' studios. There are a few interesting painters in Tripoli but you have to know where to look for them. But as soon as you found one, you just have to follow him: as they all know each other and he will lead you to the other workshops. And this is how you can spend a whole afternoon chit-chatting with painters with a lovely view on the sea.

Libya, finally! After 2 days of travel, one night in a hotel in Paris, fights and policemen on a plane, and countless new friends. What an epic journey! But I finally touched Libya's ground and was just on time for Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas loved ones!

As for me, I am officially on holiday and about to fly to Tripoli, Libya! Quite an unusual destination, I know, but I like the idea of discovering this rather difficult country.

The picture is by Brooke Schwab.
For those who are running late and still need to wrap their Christmas presents, Eat Drink Chic offers lovely tags you can download here. I like the simplicity of these designs, and on colour or kraft paper, it will look just lovely under the Christmas Tree.

... still on the Take Me Out Fair, I discovered Les Ronds Chapo's eccentric little world. Skull head bands and bobble hats, cute and strange at the same time:

... Fell for the poetry and the lightness of Untitled Jewels:

... and enjoyed the mix of vintage and new designs, it really was eye candy!

Last Sunday I bravely challenged the snow to visit the Take Me Out Fair. And well, I did good. The location was amazing: an old theatre that had just been renovated. Old red curtains, candle light, mouldings, and the quietness of a snowy morning. Designers were just waking up, drinking their coffee, such a cosy ambiance...

I caught up with the lovely Erika from the French Factory:

... Had a looong chat with Mademoiselle Slassi:

...  Was happy to meet again with Retro-Chic, they really have amazing things:

... And was, of course, happy to discover Violette Sauvage's new finds! Especially that first 1910's little  bag that was obviously offered by a Countess to her "Dear Agathe for her first ball as a young Lady".  That is what the hand written note Violette found in the bag said. I love this kind of sweet surprises, and she has a lot of moving stories like that...

To be continued tomorrow...
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