One thing I really miss is that depiction old cameras created. Sometimes the pictures would be overexposed, sometimes too dark or a bit blurred... Lucky me there is one place in Paris where you can still make photos like that: the Tokyo Palais Photobooth, also known as the "Fotoautomat". The principle is simple: 2€, 4 flashes at regular intervals, 4 different pictures, no mirror. This last factor is the one I prefer, because it means you can not guess what face you will have on the pictures. Add a little bit of darkness or overexposition depending on your luck, you end up with a complete surprise. This is one of the funniest things to do on a rainy, foggy, or snowy Sunday afternoon with a Friend, a Sister or a Lover!

And if you want to have a drink while waiting for your pictures to dry, you can sit at the Eat Café/Restaurant inside the Tokyo Palais, just next to the Fotoautomat. The waiters are really nice. I once had an interesting argument with them about wine, but that is an other story...

Palais de Tokyo, 13 av du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris

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