I spy with my little eye... Pink October with Chantelle.

I am usually not one for email chains and for campaigns, but having lost young women on both sides of my family because of breast cancer, this cause has become very close to my heart. It is a difficult disease to prevent, so I encourage all the ladies out there to get checked and to pay attention to what is happening in their bras. Do it for you, and do it for your families.
Now I am not very skilled at tracking the changes in my body; if/when I notice something different, I usually just shrug my shoulders, and decide that it is nothing significant... until someone drags me to the doctor. But if you are a 30something woman who has a family history of breast cancer, you can't afford the luxury of acting like a child, got to find a way to be responsible. As unexpected as it may sound, on top of being a womanly pleasure, beautiful lingerie has become part of my strategy to keep an eye on my breasts.
And when it comes to lingerie, Chantelle is one my go-to brands. Here are my favourite pieces from the AW15 collection:

I love the soft pink colour and lace of the Idole set. Just a little bit of lace so get into Autumn slowly.

Black "plumetis" instantly put me in a Parisian mood: time for the androgynous look, a man white shirt, red lipstick, black pants and heels. Simple and efficient.

And since I am in a Parisian mood, I picked an other classic: the white Superbe set. I paired with my red Louboutins and The Little Black Jacket Chanel exhibition book. Black and white with a touch of colour and Chanel, could it be any more Parisian?

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