Yes, Scramble Egg can be fancy. Just add Caviar on top of them.
Is there any better way to begin a WE?

Detox on the Rocks please!
If you follow me, you now know that I am the healthy type. I love Good Food and Home Made: less chemicals, less fat, more freshness, more flavour, more fun!
So here is the healthy variant to the liters of Coffee and Tea I tend to drink: Ginger and Lemon Tea. Cafeine free, Theine free, it doesn't colour the teeth and has a very subtle taste.
Just peel some fresh Ginger, and cut a few slices. Put them in a Mug and pour boiling water on them. Then add Lemon Juice. That's the way I like it, but if it is too acidic for you, you can add a teaspoon of Honey.

Remember I told you I went to the Spice Market last week, well the purpose of that little Adventure was to get a few things to make Body Scrub. I try, as much as I can to avoid chemicals in my Beauty Routine and finding Paraben Free and Petroleum Free creams is quite a Challenge. Especially here in Dubai: salespeople are always very surprised when they see you actually reading the Ingredients and Labels. One of them once said to me: "Don't worry M'am, if the packaging is damaged, I can give you an other one.", isn't that sweet? She thought I was inspecting the box to make sure no one had touched it before. So I explained I was trying to check the Ingredients, which was not an easy task, considering the fact that they had stuck all the price tags on the Ingredient List. "But why do you want to read it, no one does!"... Yes, I kind of got that from your merchandising, thank you.
Anyway, instead of wandering the alleys of Dubai's Malls, I decided to make my own Scrub: easier and healthier. As we say in french "on n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même" (no one could it better than yourself). So here it is: Sel de Guerande, Dried Lavender and Baby Oil. My Haute Couture Body Scrub: made just for me.

Bows for ever.

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Preppy in Dubai. Yes we can.

Preppy Fall on it's way.

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Boat Race!

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I told you yesterday I went to Abu Dhabi, well the lucky girl that I am was invited to a Charity Event co-hosted by the Ballets Russes. I hadn't seen a Ballet for so long!
They began with some very classical pieces and then mixed with contemporary, traditionnal and arabic dance: a very eclectic and enchanting evening.
Here are a few pictures for the WE, courtesy of the Ballets Russes.

Sunday Sound

"Chattanooga choo choo" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Nicholas Brothers and Dortohy Dandridge - 1940's

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was in a rush: I was in Abu Dhabi.
I spent an evening at the Emirates Palace. 
So to give you a Glimpse of my WE: here is the Emirates Palace.

and this is how it feels (no work on the photo, it is really how it came out of the camera):

Emirates, Land of Steam.
I have to say that the Weather is getting better : we can now stay outside in the evening, the best is yet to come Sweeties!
Little anecdote that I absolutely love: yesterday one of my friends was running a 5km race.
I was there to cheer him up and the 50 other courageous runners. So here I am in this big 30 degres hot stadium applausing and jumping when in the middle of the runners I see... a Stroller! A Father was running the race with his 4 year old in a Stroller! And I have to say he was pretty much as fast as my twenty something friend! How sweet and unexpected!
I was so surprised I didn't have time to take a picture but still I wanted to share.
Some men are Gentlemen in their own way.

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In the streets of Dubai.
Lately I went to the Spice Soukh. Took the Boat from the Abra Boat Station in Bur Dubai for one dirham and crossed the river to get there.
I will be honest: I was disappointed when I realised how small the Soukh was. It is only one Street (same for the Fabric Soukh nearby), you can hardly find what you want (they didn't have any sea salt and when they had any it was rocks of salt, big as ping-pong balls), of course they are shouting at you, begging you to have a look at their shop. Not great. Especially compared to Cariro or Istanbul's Soukh that are so big you can actually lose yourself in them. But I did come back with something: dried lavender, a good girly time with Lady Megs, and a Smile from an old Man on Boat who told us to "not let them raise the prices", how sweet of him.Then had to stop at Carrefour to get what I was looking for and did't find at the Soukh... So ironic, so Dubai!

Cooking abroad is always an adventure. The Ingredients don't react the same... that is if you can find them to begin with... The oven is different, which means that you have to work on every recipe to adapt it, better like cooking! Personally, the first time I came to Dubai, my cakes looked like flans. Until my mother who was 4000km away explained I hadn't set the oven on the right program. Since then I am getting better and more ambitious. Last try: Orange Madeleines!
As Flowers are so expensive and you can't buy Wine, I have decided that home-made cookies would be a perfect Gift to bring when I am invited for Lunch/Tea/Dinner.
There are no problems, only Solutions.

Email me for the recipe.
Those Ads you will never see again...

Looks like I am in the mood for Nude Shades, I am loving this outfit!

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In the streets of Dubai.

Sunday Morning. Latte. Penguin Books Mug. Home Made Raisins and Oats Cookies. Bliss.
Good Morning Dubai!

Sunday Sound

"Bewitched, bothered and bewildered" by Ella Fitzgerald - 1956

Brunch in Dubai: sunshine, good company... and Saladicious.
Nice restaurant with a retro touch, lots of salads (obviously), and classic breakfasts. A nice place down the street to spend a nice time with good friends.

They are on Jumeirah Beach Road.
For more info, have a look here.
Jacqueline Kennedy with her daughter (1960)

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I can easily relate to that. Would be perfect on my Suitcase!

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Paintings in a Dressing! I never thought about it but I guess it makes sense as Fashion and Art are so linked.

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I have been looking for a small Doctor's Bag for years now. I have a medium one that I love bt that is too big for the everyday, so the Hunt is still on. I am pretty sure I won't find it in Dubai but who knows... Paris, London, Amsterdam... That's the beauty of Thriftshopping: you never know when the Object of Desire is going to appear.

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In a funny Way I think I am more interested in the Ice-Creams than the Jewels...
Lovely Tiffany Display!

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Love. The. Style.

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Oh that "Back to School" Feeling... That is one thing I never missed since I graduated!

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I wouldn't have thought about it but Pink on top of Nude does work.

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The Art Season is beginning in Dubai, lots of Gallery Openings to come!
So here are a few tips on what, when, how to wear...

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Somewhere in Europe, Fall is beginning...

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Sunday Sound

"Night and Day" by Franck Sinatra - 1961

Today is my Mother's Birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire Maman!
She is a Mother, she is a Lady of Heart, she is a Friend I can talk to and drink with. 
Maman, you are one of a kind.

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"A true Gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude." Oscar Wilde

Complete your education here.

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I HAD to share this brilliant video!
The lovely Sadia posted it a few days ago, and I thank her for sharing!
The Music, the Dance, the Outfits, the Details, Hats, Bags... everything is matches, and it gives you an amazing overview of how the British Style has changed in 100 years. Scary and exciting in the mean time!

This video is part of the communication plan for the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in London which will open on the 13th september 2011.
In the streets of Dubai.

Jet lag and other complications... The day after I arrived I needed a cab to get to the Supermarket.
I called the taxi company and typed the hour I needed my taxi to come pick me up: 11.45.
"You want a taxi for 11.45 in the evening, press 1 if this is right, press 2 to correct, press 3 to speak to one of our agents."
So I pressed 2 and typed again: 11.45.
"You want a taxi for 11.45 in the evening, press 1 if this is right, press 2 to correct, press 3 to speak to one of our agents."
Nooo, I want a taxi for 11.45 this morning! 
So I pressed 3 and asked the gentleman for a taxi for 11.45.
"This evening M'am?"
"No, in the morning please."
"Tomorrow morning then?"
"No, this morning!"
"But M'am, it's already 1.20pm!"
... oups. I might have forgotten to change the hour on all of my watches!

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One thing I love about Middle East is that they know how to make a good and fresh Juice. I just discovered a very good place in Barsha (if only I could remember where it was...).

Going back to Work/School/Expatriation... It is time for a Toast to keep the Spirit high!

Meet Léonie!
I took her out yesterday for a first Ride in the Sun, I love her!!

Sunday Sound

Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberle - 1940's

Souvenir from Serge Lutens, french Perfumer.

Nothing to add.

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Found the perfect Scarf for my Traveler's Neck!

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Paris versus New York... also applies to Dubai.

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Flying to Dubai this morning! My Suitcase is my Best friend.

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"Paris, tu paries, tu paries qu'j'te quitte..."
"Paris, do you bet, do you bet I will leave you..."

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