Remember I told you I went to the Spice Market last week, well the purpose of that little Adventure was to get a few things to make Body Scrub. I try, as much as I can to avoid chemicals in my Beauty Routine and finding Paraben Free and Petroleum Free creams is quite a Challenge. Especially here in Dubai: salespeople are always very surprised when they see you actually reading the Ingredients and Labels. One of them once said to me: "Don't worry M'am, if the packaging is damaged, I can give you an other one.", isn't that sweet? She thought I was inspecting the box to make sure no one had touched it before. So I explained I was trying to check the Ingredients, which was not an easy task, considering the fact that they had stuck all the price tags on the Ingredient List. "But why do you want to read it, no one does!"... Yes, I kind of got that from your merchandising, thank you.
Anyway, instead of wandering the alleys of Dubai's Malls, I decided to make my own Scrub: easier and healthier. As we say in french "on n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même" (no one could it better than yourself). So here it is: Sel de Guerande, Dried Lavender and Baby Oil. My Haute Couture Body Scrub: made just for me.

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