In the streets of Dubai.
Lately I went to the Spice Soukh. Took the Boat from the Abra Boat Station in Bur Dubai for one dirham and crossed the river to get there.
I will be honest: I was disappointed when I realised how small the Soukh was. It is only one Street (same for the Fabric Soukh nearby), you can hardly find what you want (they didn't have any sea salt and when they had any it was rocks of salt, big as ping-pong balls), of course they are shouting at you, begging you to have a look at their shop. Not great. Especially compared to Cariro or Istanbul's Soukh that are so big you can actually lose yourself in them. But I did come back with something: dried lavender, a good girly time with Lady Megs, and a Smile from an old Man on Boat who told us to "not let them raise the prices", how sweet of him.Then had to stop at Carrefour to get what I was looking for and did't find at the Soukh... So ironic, so Dubai!

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