Who is Spying?

Photo Credit Joanne Tolner

Florence, nice to meet you. I am a citizen of the world, I am french but currently posted in Dubai. My childhood started in the french countryside, then took me to arid Saudi, cheerful Nigeria, and vibrant Egypt. 

Fashion brought me back to Paris where I graduated in communication and worked for fashion and luxury houses like Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Cartier. After 10 years in Paris, I packed  my Louboutins and collection of vintage hats and landed on the sandpit.

I like macaroons, preferably Pierre Herme’s, fresh flowers, vintage dresses and my coffee shaken, not stirred. I live between countries and eras, Paris, Dubai, London, the 1920’s, the 1950’s… I am constantly fighting with my hair, am getting better everyday at victory rolls and pin curls and believe that for the next 10 fashion years to come, common sense will be the new black.

HOB is a little window into my world, I write on a daily basis about what I see and the people I meet. As the full title of the blog puts it: a hint of beautiful a day keeps the doctor away.

You can contact me at: ahintofbeautiful@gmail.com


  1. Hey Gorgeous!
    Just skimmed through your blog and love every bit of it. Great work. Honestly.
    See you around, soon hopefully.

  2. I do love your style ! x



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