Last Sunday I bravely challenged the snow to visit the Take Me Out Fair. And well, I did good. The location was amazing: an old theatre that had just been renovated. Old red curtains, candle light, mouldings, and the quietness of a snowy morning. Designers were just waking up, drinking their coffee, such a cosy ambiance...

I caught up with the lovely Erika from the French Factory:

... Had a looong chat with Mademoiselle Slassi:

...  Was happy to meet again with Retro-Chic, they really have amazing things:

... And was, of course, happy to discover Violette Sauvage's new finds! Especially that first 1910's little  bag that was obviously offered by a Countess to her "Dear Agathe for her first ball as a young Lady".  That is what the hand written note Violette found in the bag said. I love this kind of sweet surprises, and she has a lot of moving stories like that...

To be continued tomorrow...

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