This week-end good idea: Take Me Out, a Fashion and Art Fair. Perfect for Christmas latecomers, follow me thoughts...

Fashion :Bubble Wood, Dentelle et Macarons, Are u Vintage, Bobidavintage, Agence Zéro 8, Mademoiselle Pimpante, Olympe, Les Coquetteries, Ninon Rétro, Violette Sauvage, Lord SM, Comme Marc, Is Not Dead, Conform to Deform, Ignacio Mejia, Bo...ots are Made for Walking, Khaci Jay, L'Atelier Amelot, Kalyss, Lallou, Woolsociety, Laurent Desgrange, Wild Face

Accessories :Bollywood Bazzar, Les Ronds’Chapo, Mutti, Untitled Jewels, Unusual Riders, Hirschell, Culoyon, Trucs de Filles, Mademoiselle Slassi, Mademoiselle Pierre, Les Dissonances,
Cuisine Française, Warso, Un sur Cinq, Art by Louis,
Séverine Perséoni, ,Just for (me), The French Factory, Aime, Agyness Riviera, Epicerie Générale, Mia Reva, Figuras Pubicas, Le Lampofil, Coco & Me, Soncourt Laure

Saturday from 10am till 10pm
Sunday from 10am till 8pm

The address:
Le Trianon, 80 boulevard de Rochechouart, 75018
Métro Anvers
Entry fee: 3€ until 3pm, after that 5€

A few pictures of the last session I went to:

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