In my opinion: Ladies should always wear Hats, and Gentlemen should always wear Bow Ties. Bow Ties... "Butterfly Knots" in french. They look less agressiv and formal than regular Ties. As they are smaller than Ties it is easier to try different patterns. I like the Vintage Touch they bring to an outfit. 
And talking about Bow Ties, I literally fell in love with this duo from Philadelphia: "Something hiding in there", who created a hand crafted Bow Ties line called "Forage". They work on various patterns, each bow tie is part of a limited edition and has a discrete vintage woven label (for authenticity). They are shipped in a printed mason box with metal tab closures, and packed with shredded kraft paper to keep them safe and sound until their arrival.

A Bow Tie costs more or less 65$ (+ shipping fees).
Find out more about Forage here.

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