I spy with my little eye... an insight into Japanese emerging brands.

A big thank you to Shamim for inviting HOB to a japanese networking event. The idea was to meet the emerging japanese brand and share ideas on their values and the UAE market. Interesting and inspiring talks, lots of energy, and a sneak peak of the exciting future trends. Thank you to the japanese JETRO delegation for coming and sharing their enthusiasm and newest brands in terms of cosmetics (have a look at Le Bois cosmetics, a brand that's all about phytotherapy). And thank you to Souha Abbas from  L'OfficielMarissa Woods from Image Factor, Christopher Karam from K-Lynn Lingerie, and Tina Ghafurian from Tips and Toes for sharing their experiences and analysis of the UAE women expectations. One word that did come back a lot: quality. I would definitively agree to that, that's one of the reason why I love vintage: quality.


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