I spy with my little eye... Lunch at the Archive.

Everybody's talking about the Archive so when I planned a lunch to catch up with my favourite retro Lady in Dubai, Colette from Specsaddicts, the choice of the restaurant was pretty easy, and well, we were not disappointed. The place is located in Safa Park, near the Gate 5, it's very easy to find (that is if your taxi driver knows where Gate 5 is... my asked me "which Gate 5?" I thought I was being clear and precise but drivers here are an endless source of amazement). It is not huge which is refreshing in Dubai, it nearly looks European. Seating outside on the terrasse of that human sized building, with a simple menu card, it felt like being in a park in London or Sydney! The menu is pretty simple but the products are very fresh and tasty. I had an open sandwich with cajun chicken, avocado and chutney, didn't even need to rectify the seasonning, and the coffee was excellent. I heard people saying the chairs were very unconfortable, I say they are pretty strong, but it didn't stop anyone, the terrasse was pretty full. Inside the building there is an art library and a working space with plugs for computers, it is the perfect spot to clear your mind and get things done. But the place is not just a restaurant and a library, they also organise talks and activities (yoga, pilates, writing workshops...), it is a real cultural platform.
The Archive might become one of my favourite spots in Dubai!

For more information, click here.

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