I spy with my little eye... memories of Tashkeel.

Yesterday was my first time at Tashkeel.
First impression: how does one find that place? We probably visited every street of Nab el Sheba (on your right side, please, have a look at the police station, on your left side, you will find the Falcon Hospital...). It took us a good 30min and most of our patience to find it, but I will give it to you, it's worth the trouble.
Second impression: it is packed!
Third impression: I love the fact that the people are mixed, it's 50% expats, 50% Emiratis, so refreshing! I love it! Lots of artists who have their studios at Tashkeel too, it's brilliant getting to know them better.
Fourth impression: surprisingly enough, we bumped into an artist working on our way to the ladies, yes, art works in mysterious ways... our curious minds couldn't help but get a closer look to the work, sorry, donkey in progress.
Tashkeel, a place where art happens!

For more information on Tashkeel, click here.

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