I spy with my little eye... beautiful Bab El Shams.

This is kind of a belated post, but this place is out of time anyway. A few weeks ago I needed out of Dubai so my dear friend K. decided that a day at Bab El Shams was Doctor's Prescription, and Boy she was right! First of all it's a 45min drive out of Dubai. Imagine Thelma and Louise, UAE version: sunglasses, AC, camels, and cheesy radio. We got there around 11am, wanted to begin our day with a cocktail, unfortunately, they didn't serve alcohol before noon, fair enough, water was probably a better choice that early (that's the problem with a Parisian and a New Yorkian... champagne can happen anytime). The swimming pools are wide and inviting, you kind of want to wander around (even if they where way too chilly for me at the time). We chatted the day away by the water, played backgammon, had lunch by the lawn and enjoyed a lovely massage. The perfect day to clear your mind, pamper and enjoy your Friends!
I will highly recommand it even if having to pay for a bottle of water when you are already paying AED 1,000 for the day seemed excessive.
We came back relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

For more information, click here.

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  1. Etais-tu a Bab Al Shams hier? On y etait aussi, c'est con de ne pas s'etre vu. On a fait un hot stone massage - c'etait juste fantastique! Et le rooftop, toujours au top!


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