I spy with my little eye... Paris's Bars.

As explained yesterday, my Paris stay was very short, but I found a moment to visit my little sister in Montmartre. I tend to forget how beautiful Paris can be. And how much I loved my old neighborhood. Getting out of the Anvers metro station is definitively the worst part of the trip, if you can, try to get out at Abbesses: less tourists. The next step is climbing the hillcock, and be prepared, it looks easy because people who live there are natural at it, but walking my way up there, I remembered why I didn't need any exercise when I was living there. My legs hurt for a week after that. That being said, once you get to the Rue des Abbesses, you know it's worth it: the tiny streets, the old pavement, the cosy terrasses, the wine bars, the Charcuterie plates, the ambiance... it feels like being in the 19th century, the place is timeless...

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