I spy with my little eye... Interior Design Courses.

Dubai is very happening these days: after the London College of Fashion, the Chelsea College of Art and Design (CCAD) is landing on the sandpit to share some Interior Design Wisdom.The CCAD is bringing a portfolio of 8 Interior Design and Interior Decoration Short Courses at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel from the Thursday 24th January until the Monday 4th February 2013. It is the fourth time the CCAD is coming back to Dubai with the exact same courses that are being delivered in London. 

Here are the 8 themes that will be discussed:
- The principles of Interior Design 1 - 5 days
- The principles of Interior Design 2 - 5 days
- Starting an Interior Design Business - 3 evenings
- Lighting Design for Interiors - 4 evenings
- How to decorate your Villa or Apartment - 3 days
- Introduction to Furniture Design - 4 days
- Soft Furnishings - 2 days
- Exploring Materials for Interior - 1 day

For more information and to book courses, visit:


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