I spy with my little eye... a Pink Ladies Night.

Yesterday I attended the Petticoat Parlour. As much as I liked the idea, I was disappointed by the location: Media One Hotel was too loud and too dark for me. How do you want to shop if you can't see the clothes properly? How do you want to get a mani if you can't see the nailpolish colours? The music was too loud for me and I didn't appreciate waiting for 10min behind a half empty bar to order a drink that never came when the gentleman who arrived after me ordered before me and actually got his drink. So much for Ladies Night. Media One Hotel failed on this one, I'm sorry.
That being said, I loved the Petticoat Parlour team's energy, and it was a pleasure to see My Ex Wardrobe and Specsaddicts. Next time the challenge will be to have an actual conversation! 

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