Just discovered SugarPlum Cake, in the 5th arrondissement of paris. It is a real american coffee shop : the waitresses are american, and so are the family recipes. Home-grown classics: Cookies, Pies, Banana Breads, Cheesecakes, Muffins... Everything is cooked with wholesome ingredients, no mixes or preservatives. The coffee is freshly roasted and fair trade. If you are no coffee drinker, you can switch to fair trade Tea, Iced Tea or Homemade Lemonade. The ambiance is cheerful and warm, you can stay for, well, as long as you need to catch up with your friends, and the smiles are free.

68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris
 Tél: 01 46 34 07 43
Tuesday through Sunday 10am - 7pm. Closed Monday.
Metro: Cardinal Lemoine

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