Jeeves and Wooster are two characters created by the English writer Pelham Grenville Woodehouse in the 1920's. Jeeves is the typical English Butler, stylish, clever, but also cheecky who is always there to rescue his clumsy, and sometimes a bit slow master Bertram Wooster. Wooster, known as Bertie, is a wealthy young man, very stylish, quite bohemian, he has a good heart, is properly dedicated to doing the right things but often ends up in inextricable situations. Wooster is perceptive, crafty and likes to tease his master. They are more or less the English equivalent of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor watson.
P.G. Woodehouse wrote 35 shorts stories that make up 11 novels. These stories were turned into a TV show in the 1990's, starring the exquisite Stephen Fry as Jeeves and the hilarious Hugh Laurie as Wooster.
The style, the scenery, the scenarios, the jokes... and of course the accent are so English and so 1920's, it is a delight! I love everything about it!

It is the tv equivalent of comfort food, I like to watch it cuddled under a blanket when I feel low...

Try it!

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