A few days ago, we were looking for a restaurant that would have a table left for a late dinner in Soho (yes, I am a very hopeful girl). After a few disappointments, we came across Polpo. I had heard lots of good reviews about it but never had the time to go and check it myself, so I was very happy to find it by chance and jumped on the occasion!

They did not have a table for us right away but told us it would be 30 minutes of waiting (which was really good compared to the 45min/1h the other places announced), I liked the fact that they would do their best to get us a table as soon as possible, and not play hard to get. The staff was adorable, very helpful, smiley and easy going, and this is a huge plus. They guided us to the basement bar. For those who feel claustrophobic, it might not be the best place to have a drink, in this case, just ask if you can drink your cocktail at the ground bar. I, personnally, really liked the place: cosy, candle light, nice barman, the music was good (cheesey hits) and not to lound: we could actually hear each other, isn't that amazing! (little joys of the everyday). I did not even have time to finish my glass of  prosecco when the waiter called us: he had not forgotten us, O Joy!
And then the fun began: the idea is to cover the table with italian tapas. The prices are really affordable, from 1.60£ to 8.40£, and you do not need to order the whole menu to feed your hunger. To be honest we did not understand everything on the menu as it was mostly in italian, so we decided to order the dishes we did not get. That is our way of choosing... Everyone has to find his style! Everything was fresh and tasty, from the Anchovy and Chick Pea Crostini to the Arancini, the Spinach Parmesan and soft Egg Pizzeta, the Rabbit and Apricot Terrine... It was lovely and simple. 

I highly recommand the place, especially for dates, or catching up with close friends. I will definitively be back and will check their other places. One thing to know though: they do not take any reservations but again, they make the waiting so short and so confortable it is a good way to get into the ambiance.

Polpo. A bacaro in Soho
41 Beak Street
London W1F 9SB.
Tel: 020 7734 4479
Click here for more information.

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