The Ladies of the Middle East will know that today is the beginning for a long week-end thanks to Eid: 2 days of week-end, 2 bank holidays, 4 days of Bliss. The one thing missing in that small Holiday, is Anticipation. Because Islam follows the Moon Calendar, the big Event are always likely to change date last minute, which means that the whole Nation is waiting for the news to be published... well, more or less the day before. We all know when it will be but Companies like to be sure before they say anything to their Employees. And there goes my Trip to Nepal... too late, and all booked. Oh well, let's say it makes the everyday more tricky and fun! Last minute adventure? Yes please!
I will let you know where I am going as soon as I know it myself.

In the same time, here are a few Pictures of the Week-End we spent on a Dhow in Oman for C.' Birthday. Some snorkling, fishing, jumping from the roof of the Dhow and fancy dresses were involved... Thank you so much C., that was an amazing week-end!

Mmmmh, now one last thing... Next time I announce that I am going on a Boat, could you please remember me that I am seasick? I tend to forget that little detail... Next step: a benchmarck of all the pills on the market, Pill Party, yay!

Credit photos by Joanne Tolner.

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