I spy with my little eye... a Purse'n roll collection.

The busy bee that I have been haven't had time to tell you about that great and confidential collection a few bloggers have developed in collaboration with Niesh Boutique. The trendy Mahryska and Ushi, along with Fashlink and Pintsizefashionista have designed purses that are now available at Niesh. As mentioned before, I, personaly have a real problem with purses: if my bag is not physically attached to my body, you can be sure it will be forgotten or lost. That being said, I loved the minimalism and modern vibe these pieces all had. Although I have a personal message for my darling Ushi: only a man could design such a small purse!
So if you are getting serious with your Christmas shopping, have a look at Niesh, you might find something exclusive for someone exclusive.

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