I spy with my little eye... a little lingerie inspiration.

Whether you are single or in a couple, celebrating Valentines or not, doing it for yourself or for someone else, lingerie is always a good idea! I am not one for big gestures and demonstrating love once a year, I like little daily attentions. My father buys flowers for my mother every week... My brother in law surprises my sister by flying back home in the middle of a business trip... I like the idea of sprinkling a little bit of attention and kindness everyday, so i don't see why I should settle for once a year (yes I have been spoiled). 
So whether you are doing it for someone else or for yourself: take care of yourself. Each one of us has her own way of doing it: fitness, reading, cooking healthy, travelling, fashion, parenting etc... Lingerie is one of my guilty pleasures, how very French of me! This year I'm feeling cosy, so I am into nude tones. I loved this Powder Pink Miss Coquette Passionata ensemble; it reminded me of chilly mornings in Montmartre (yes that's Montmatre on this drawing, I used to live in the area in Paris so my father gave me this painting as a memory) when all you want is a warm latte and a friend to skype with. I would like to tell you that I used to curl up under a big blanket, with a tea and read a book back in Paris, looking glamourous but that would be a lie: I would curl up under a big blanket, with a latte (I like my caffeine,) and would skype for hours, because I am a chatty woman with friends and family all around the world.

An other piece that caught my eye is this Blossom bra from Passionata. How cute is this plumetis? It looks very virginal and reminded me of Fitzgerald naive character Daisy from The Great Gatsby: decadent, naive, pretty, effervescent. I love how much a simple piece of white lace can actually say so much about you or at least your mood.

Last but not least is this Satine Chantelle ensemble: who said nudes were boring? I am not huge on animal print, but when it's done in such an elegant and discrete way, I can see myself rocking it!

Now for the ladies in Dubai who want to surprise their special someone, there is one more thing I can recommend: a little Burlesque dance lesson with Kamilla at Pole Fit Dubai. She will make you feel at ease and she will teach you a little ladylike yet cheeky routine, that will boost your self-confidence. Here is a little inspiration...


  1. Treating yourself nicely is definitely very important. When you feel good about yourself you treat others well too. I have never tried lingerie for the purpose though.

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