Last week end, I had Brunch at Rose Bakery. You can eat there are take away some tarts and cakes, they also sell all sorts of store cupboard bits and pieces including organic chocolate, speciality tea, breakfast cereal and fresh fruit. I had heard a lot of nice things about the place and was a little bit confused. I can not make up my mind: I loved the aesthetic quality of this Restau-Bakery but was a little bit puzzled by the service and the food. The waiters seemed overwhelmed by the very numerous bourgeois customers, the bread was over-baked and I found the cakes a little bit too heavy. I understand why it is "The place to be": the whole menu is made out of organic ingredients and the farm-like interior design is very trendy. It is a lovely place to have a tea, scrambled eggs and scones (traditionnal and safe dishes) but I still need to be convinced by the cakes. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go back find out a little more about this English Farm in Paris.

Rose Bakery
46 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

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