I love to play a little game of my own called "let's discover hairdressers all over the world". It is a thing I try to do everywhere I go, do not ask me where it comes from or how it all began, I have no idea... It is just something I do. Have you ever seen smoke coming out of your hair? Well I have. In Beirut. Have you ever had 2 hairdressers trying to synchronize themselves to hairbrush your hair in the mean time? Well I have. In Bangkok.
So as you can imagine, I could not resist trying a brushing in Tripoli. When I sat on the chair with my hair all wet, this is what I saw:

As you can see, the mirror was hanged wayyy too high. In result to this, when sitting, you can only see your forehead so you litteraly HAVE to trust the hairdresser... I experienced a lot of things with my hair till now but I surely was not expecting anything like that. That was the first laughter of the year!

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