I went to Gaucho's opening night!
The place is one of a kind: a mix of cow fur and very modern design. But surprisingly, it works.
I wouldn't go there for a date for for a girlie evening, it is a good option.

I found the place a little bit too crowded, I didn't understand the difference between the black and the red waitresses, this is still an enigma for me. Must be my parisian self longing for simpicity. My guess is that the red waitresses were just there to look pretty, which I, maybe because I am a lady, found unneccessary. The service was messy (probably because it was the opening night) but in a good way: we were asked 5 times if someone had taken our order when it already had been taken care of. And the most important: the meat and the wines were delicious. The sides were quite random but if you feel like a good steack with some nice south america wine with your Ladies, this is the place.

Podium Level, Gate Village 05
DIFC, Dubai, P.O Box 482054
T +971 (0) 44227898
F +971 (0) 44227897

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