An other thing that happened lately was Thanksgiving! I got to celebrate my very first Thanksgiving! Well... it's a funny Story because somehow, I ended up hosting my First Thanksgiving as a matter of fact. It wasn't planned at all but little Miss K. who grew up in New York found herself alone and far away from her family for the first time. She was feeling home sick so I decided to have dinner with her and improvise a little celebration. But I wasn't expecting our close Friends to drop their parties and join in! One of the many things I am grateful for: my friends, wherever they are, Paris, London, Dubai... I am a lucky Lady. 
I finally found myself being the last one to arrive at my home, everybody was already cooking: the chickens (last minute organisation, no turkey) were in the oven, the wine in the glasses, and the tart, ready to be cooked! All in all, an amazing evening for our little expat family!

Apple and Cinnamon Tart, with a side of Hugs and Kisses.

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