I am gathering a few recipes for a Project and the lovely M. sent me her "How-to-be-friends-with-your-daughter Recipe". She wrote it on her own and it was so sweet I asked her permission to share it, here it is:

Preparation Time:

- Unconditional Love
- Prayers
- Trust
- Honesty
- Quality Time
- Fun
- An Open Mind
- Respect
- Care
- Support
- Attention
- Pride
- Forgiveness

Cooking Instructions:
- First, set up the environment. Spend quality time to warm up the oven with loads of unconditional love. 
- A friendship is a conversation, where two people share equally. Never put her in position of reporting and answering questions. Learn from her too. 
- When she tells you something that disappoints you, be very wise in your reaction. Because certain reactions can stop your daughter from telling you anything again.
- Remember to always be fun, positive and cheerful. That's a face she will look for in tough times, not a strict blaming critical one. 
- Have an open mind to innovations in thought, behavior, lifestyles. Your daughter's generation will advance forward anyways, so don't be left behind. 

Serving Suggestions:
- Served hot or cold, cheerful or gloomy, in all places and at all times. 
- Portion MUST fill her up, or else she'll look for love and support elsewhere.
- When in public, do not communicate any negative information about her in her presence in any form (complains, correction, etc)
Your daughter has to feel that you are proud of her in front of the whole world.

Note well, if you do all the above, and not pray, all your efforts will be in vain. 

Enjoy your meal and friendship :)

Source here.

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