So I had dinner at Roberto's in DIFC. The place is very businesslike, which is not really my scene but the Bar being nice, why not try the Restaurant. They didn't have everything on the menu, it happens, that's fine, but then I have to say I was a little bit disappointed. The entrees were nice and tasty: very good Angus Beef Tartar with Pear & Melted Cheese with Horseradish, Black Truffle Caviar & Potato Goffredo.The best bit was without a doubt the seafood pasta, but the deserts... The deserts were just wrong in everyway! I have a sweet tooth and I am very enthusiastic when it comes to cakes and ice-creams, so we ordered a selection of them. We probably shouldn't have. The After Eight was gooey, and I can't remamber clearly what I ordered but it involved white truffle, and it was wrong. It was so bad we sent everything back and ordered a safe tiramisu, but even that was too creamy and not tasty enough. I am sorry for the Chef but if I come back, it will be to enjoy the bar and antipasti... and then I'd go for a frozen yoghurt.

T +971 4 386 00 66, F +971 4 386 00 55
Gate Village Building No. 1, DIFC,
Dubai, UAE

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