I spy with my little eye... a night at the Cirque.

I'm not a huge fan of nightclubs in Dubai, too much bling, too much sparkle, too much bad music, too much drunkenness. I like a good boogie, and a good cocktail, but I don't like to get back home blinded by the spots and death from the crazy volume. I actually enjoy the use of my eyes and ears, therefore you will not find me at Crystal or the VIP Room... But I like a quirky night, and Cirque Le Soir is a little different. Or I thought so. I will try to be as objective as possible: I love the aesthetics of the place, the vintage circus details are fantastic, I love that they fly performers from Europe, the costumes are amazing and the shows are entertaining, with a freak show vibe that's quite unexpected in Dubai. The music is quite random, but you can't have it all, and let's be honest, if you feel like dancing, good old pop, R&B etc... are the easiest and most effective choices.
That being said, I have a real problem with the management. My last experience there was a disaster and it was poorly, if not badly handled. We were invited for a private party and ended up having a disagreement with the club. Now when the manager refuses to meet and discuss, in my book, he is not doing his job properly. When the club calls the police regarding people they actually invited, they are doing a bad job. 
In short, I applaud the performers, but I have a problem with the management. You are free to try it and share your feedbacks!

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