I spy with my little eye... a pin up!

Remember my day with Tina and her team last week-end? Well here is a preview of our beauty photoshoot; the idea was to play around S/S14 trends. Mixing trends with my vintage look is not an easy thing so Tina had a lot of preparatory work, I praise her patience and passion for make-up (without my lil'sis aka Thumper, I am as comfortable as Bambi on ice with my make-up). I also admire the lovely make-up and hair artist Amanda for her dexterity and pugnacity: she didn't give up on my baby hair, and that in itself, is an achievement. Now some ladies are complete naturals when it comes to posing, I am not. I am getting better but I talk a lot, I laugh a lot, I definitively need music, I dance sometimes... Photographers usually don't have to ask me to move: I'm constantly doing it anyway. It takes me a good 10min to get into photoshoot mode and then I relax, I guess I need to get to know the photographer. So here are a few shots, I didn't expect to and was not specially going for it but they definitively have a pin up vibe!

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