I spy with my little eye... Fashion Backwards.

I'm always happy to support quality Couture, especially in the Middle East. I've worked with seamstresses in Paris and I have a special affection for them and the work they do, therefore I've always been interested and happy to spread the word about Fashion Forward. But this season, I have a few things that I want to put forward. As much as I like Couture, I will be boycotting the event this year and here is why:

1- The online registration process is made so complicated it puts you off. As much as I understand that they want the exposure, what's the point of asking media "what kind of coverage are you planning?' and "when will you publish it?". I've been to a few fashion weeks and I doubt that in the hectic ambiance they have time to read the answers and decide whether or not to send you invites depending on the coverage you are offering, so what's the point except making it difficult for you? I would also like to remind them that 3 seasons does not make them important on the international scene and that they still need people to show up, hence putting them off: not a good idea. The whole process gave me the impression they were getting cocky and a little bit ahead of themselves, but this is just my personal opinion.
2- Now let's talk about these invites that never really arrive to your door and that you have to collect at the entrance. I have absolutely no problem collecting my press pass at the entrance but then why tell me it will be delivered?
3- I cannot see any of these sandwiches anymore. I know fashion people  feed on beauty, but I am French, Parisian, and I demand a proper snack (please note I am not even asking for a meal) with my glass of red wine!
There I said it, bon voyage Fashion Forward, you won't see my red lips this season!

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