I spy with my little eye... Vintage in Dubai.

The day D. told me about that friend of hers who was organising a vintage sale in Dubai, I couldn't decide whether to get excited or be sceptical, I was pretty doubtful. I'm usually an optimistic person but in Dubai people use the term "vintage" for everything so I've learned my lesson. The poor R. who organised the event had a tough crowd to convince, and she did change my mind.

She bought a selection of pure vintage 1950-1980's in Paris from 3 different suppliers in Paris, one of them sourcing in Paris, the other one in London and the third one in the US so she was able to offer a wide selection of styles (this 80's sweater isn't for me but I like the style, very Baby in Dirty Dancing). 
I fell for the jacket below but it was too big for me. I love the silk print work, very elegant and androgynous, perfect with black pants, heels and red lipstick (obviously).

Last but not least, the prices were right, and for that, R. has all of my respect. It is rare (if not impossible) to find a proper and affordable vintage in the golden city so I am more than looking forward to her next "Vintage Market" and I will definitively keep you posted. For vintage lovers, R. is a little gem, just like Lynda Kirby and her personal vintage collection (remember this post?).

In vintage we trust.

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