I spy with my little eye... a vintage Gem in Dubai.

A real vintage gem. In Dubai. Can you feel the excitment? I can barely believe it myself. I wasn't prepared for what I found when I pushed the door of this random Jumeirah villa: 40 years of worldwide thriftshopping! 
Lynda inherited her sense of style from her grandmother who taught her to put on her gloves, lipstick and fur even if it was just to go buy bread round the corner. "She would take out all of the china even if it was just the both of us having tea at home". And Lynda has become the Lady her grandmother was: she hosted us with tea, home-made Scones and Victoria Sponge Cakes. 
Once a month she opens the doors of her home to whoever is interested in vintage. The first floor salon is dedicated to her treasures from the 1920's till the 1950's. What struck me is that everything was in amazing condition. She knows vintage. Everything she bought during these years traveling the world was carefully selected. She has an impressive collection of brooches and rings, lots of scarves, a few hats and bags. I have to thank my friend N. for without her I would still be there. I might have moved in with Lynda if N. hadn't gently pull me away.
Lynda decided to start selling her collection recently so if you are interested, don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to give you her details.

Happy gal!

Look at that wallpaper. Could it be prettier?

Clutches galore!

Pretty brooches for the hair or the jacket.

Definitively my kind of tea time!

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  1. Please promise to take me there the next time I'm i Dubai!


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