I spy with my little eye... Blueberry Muffins.

Bonjour new week! Breakfast is my favourite meal, I'm a morning person, which was often a source of desperation for the few Gentlemen that got to share my energetic dawns. I am usually up at 7am, rain or shine, and I'm not good at staying in bed. That being said, I am well mannered (and I'm not 5 years old anymore) so I don't feel the need to wake up the whole house, but I can't count the times they found me in the kitchen, sipping a cappuccino, skyping with the other side of the Earth or writing. Not very cosy but on the bright side, they often get fresh crepes, coffee and muffins! 
This morning it was home made Blueberry Muffins for me, how did you start your week?


  1. Fruity morning read - must be all the blueberries! :)

  2. My morning started with, get this, a go on the treadmill at 7:20 am! Your blueberry muffins would've been a well-deserved treat! Looks YUM!!

  3. @Natalie: They say you need 5 veggies/fruits a day. I'm doing my part, helping the masses.
    @Diane: You go girl!

  4. Oh, your today's post sure ring a bell !
    I'm also a morning person, and I LOVE wake up before dawn : it's my favorite part of the day.
    I feel like I'm a privileged person who is the single one to assist to the wake up of the world :)
    And, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too :)

  5. @Mely: I always read your posts wondering what your breakfasts taste like, they are so different from anything traditional!

  6. Oh, I just notice that you've answer (so cute of you).
    Oh... Definitely. My breakfast are SO special, and atypical from the traditional ones. I know that for sure :)

    Well, I wrote an article on my breakfast (I changed a a few times from these 7 past years, but this one is my breakfast for one year now) :

    Love ♡


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