I spy with my little eye... a playing dress-up Day.

When I was little I used to let my Mother choose (and make... Maman I love you for all those hours you spent sewing my butterfly wings) my dress-up costumes. Through the years, I got to personify a butterfly, you got that one, a traditional Alsacian, and a lion trainer, that was probably my favourite (please note I was never a princess or a fairy, not my style)! A few years later when I got to choose on my own, I got to be Minnie Mouse, an american tourist, Wednesday Adams and Nicky Hilton (welcome into my eclectic world), a russian babushka, Edith piaf's song "La vie en Rose"... Yes I do that, I dress up as songs, it's a gift.
Yesterday I was playing dress up with the stylish Ushi, and it didn't involve any crown or wing, I can feel your disappointment. Instead I got to play with the United Colours of Benetton. The brand reminds me my 90's years in Saudi. Coloured flowery leggings and big T-shirts. I'm smiling just thinking of it. The colour block trend didn't invent anything, as my grandmother used to put it: "Fashion is like a big bucket. You just keep on piling the clothes you're not wearing, when the bucket is full you turn it upside down and you have a brand new wardrobe". I'm happy to support this brand that was an early militant of tolerance.
Here are a few behind the scenes photos, stay tuned for the official photoshoot...

Wind, victory rolls and red lipstick between the Burj Khalifa and the fountains:

Ushi, obviously ecstatic at the thought of baby-sitting my Charlotte Olympia kitty cats:

Croissanting and smoothiing after the photoshoot...

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