I spy with my little eye... Alice in Dragon Mart.

Dragon Mart is this huge chinese mall near International City in Dubai. Remember Alice's maze? Well replace the talking cards and singing flowers with filipino salespeople and chinese knick-knack and you have Dragon Mart! A lot of the people here know about it but are not bold enough to actually venture there.
The first time I went I was more than grateful to have a guide. I was like a 5 year old following her mother. Too much to see, signs that don't make sense, alleys that lead to paths that lead to alleys, and my inexistent sense of orientation: perfect cocktail to get lost and die there. Luckily for me, my white rabbit knew exactly where she was going. 
So what can you find at Dragon Mart? Furniture, tea, make-up I wouldn't want to put on my face, toys I wouldn't offer to children but are perfect for grown-ups, ribbons, fake flowers, wallpaper, taps, lamps, crutches, lawnmowers, clothes. You can refurbish and fill a whole house! There is a lot, it is messy, it's difficult to find what you want... it is just like thriftshopping, brilliant! Which leads me to the purpose of this post: yes despite the surrounding mess, you can find little treasures. Like these wooden toys:

Or these colourful fake flowers. I'd rather go for real but for special events, these can come handy:

And for those who are craving the 1920's after The Great Gatsby, some pretty Art Deco wallpaper... it's all about how you look at things:

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