I spy with my little eye... crazy Music Hall.

There is an institution in Dubai when it comes to partying: the Music Hall. Located at the end of the Palm in Zabeel Saray Hotel (want it? gotta earn it!), the Music Hall was directly imported from Beirut. We had booked a table so we got there quite early, around 10pm. A friend visiting from London asked while sitting "is it normal that it's empty?", the answer came right away "yes Lebanese are night birds, they'll arrive around 1am". So we drank and we ate, and we waited for the heavy red velvet curtains to open. 
When the live music started and we all turned our eyes to the scene, I will be honest: I didn't know what to think. Not sceptical but not far from that either. Wasn't sure if I was smiling at the show or with the show. The first show what I identified as a greek singer, very old fashion, kind of a gypsy meets crooner version of Aznavour. Not sure. But after a few 90's revisited hits, he actually got me to sing with him. After half an hour the curtains closed and the DJ took over with popular hits. And the shows kept on  succeeding each other, with the most unlikely looks but pop songs that progressively got the whole room to sing and dance between the tables. The recipe is popular but works: live bands singing hits and throwing their energy at the audience. It reminded me a lot of the parisian "bal musette" where everybody dances on the streets to a cheesy live band. By 4am, the whole theatre was dancing and singing, making new friends and laughing with (not to) the musicians. A very good and cheesy night. I would definitively go back, but maybe more for a drink rather than the whole dinner.

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