I spy with my little eye... Truffles and Pizza at Pantry Cafe.

Last week I was invited to meet Domenico, Pantry Cafe's chef. One thing I had forgotten is that when invited to meet a chef, one should bring their appetite. Especially if the Chef is Italian.
Pizza always seems pretty easy but I was surprised to learn the pastry needs to sit for 12 hours in order to rise properly. That being said, once it's ready, it takes only 4 minutes to cook. Impressively fast. Obviously you can put pretty much everything you want on it as long as it involves olive oil and mozzarella. My favourite? The Tartufo: garlic (hello french roots!), mozzarella, basil, mushrooms and truffle oil. Mamma Mia!
And guess what, after this pizza galore, Pantry Cafe (and Al Wasl Square) even provided the exercise I needed to digest and get rid of the carbs: no taxis around = a well deserved walk!
I already had a thing for the place (remember this post), but now that I've met lovely team, it almost feels like home.

For more information, click here.

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