I spy with my little eye... a burgundy vintage Hat.

I've always loved Hats and regretted their slow disappearance from our wardrobes. If you think about it, wearing a Hat helps a lot with bearing, and holding your head straight. During the 2nd world war, when hats were the last thing on women' mind and shopping list, they learned to manage without. Instead, they developed new hairdos, that's how pin curls and victory rolls appeared. Interesting how history influenced fashion. I love those vintage little stories and treasures. I started collecting Hats a few years ago and I cherish each one of them. They come from everywhere: Paris, London, Melbourne, Amsterdam... And I like to take them out. 
So yesterday, my burgundy Hat met Jimmy Choo and Fashion TV.

Playing with Jimmy Choo's 1920's clutches.

Catching up with talented Farah from Dresscode by Farah.

Bonjour lovelies!

Partying with Fashion TV and stylist Ushi.

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