I spy with my little eye... a Saturday on Earth.

I've had a few feedbacks asking me to share a little bit more of my everyday, so I'm trying something new: a photo per hour. Welcome into my world.

8am: Bonjour world!

9am: Breakie! My favourite meal of the day. Latte and home made apple muffins... with a side of dots.

10am: Doing my nails. I am the worse at waiting for it to dry. I still beleve I can get away with it by waiting just 15min...

12am: Make up time! As you can see, my vanity is not extensive.

1pm: Cooking time!

2pm: Mini quiches lorraine and spinach-goat cheese quiches ready.

3pm: Meeting friends at the Marina. I love this view, can't get enough of it.

4pm: Tea time with the ladies.

5pm: taking the kitties out for a walk...

6pm: Snack time with my gals. In home made we trust!

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