I spy with my little eye... Bourjois's 150 years Birthday.

Oh Bourjois. So many memories! You were my first blush ever. I remember looking at you and thinking you looked like a macaroon. I was 17 and my mother was teaching me how to wear eyeliner, which is pretty ironic when you know that she pretty much never wears any make-up. She very quickly got overtaken by my little sister in the role of the make-up mentor. Again, pretty ironic. As much as I always loved fashion and more specifically couture, my lil sis' was always the make-up guru in the family: trying pretty much every single mascara or eye-shadow on the market, piling up kilos of eyeliners and nail polishes, trying on every trend, and driving our father crazy by showing up at school with green sparkles in her hair. These were the Bourjois years. And I will always be nostalgic when seeing a little round box. 
I grew out of my Bourjois days, just like a teenager grows out of his caterpillar boots but this cute little brand has been making a come back in my vanity lately, beginning with their latest nail polish collection (remember this post). I like the story behind the brand, it talks to my vintage style: the fact that initially, it was stage make-up. I like their old ads. I like the fact that they are not scared to share their "cakes in little round pots" recipes. I like Bourjois's simplicity.

For more information on Bourjois, click here.

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